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Cookies for a Cop
& Our Fire Friends

An incredibly fun and rewarding way to say THANK YOU!!

With our Cookies for a Cop and our Fire Friends project, your simple act of kindness becomes a huge statement of support and appreciation when multiplied hundreds of thousands of times across the country. #sweetkindness

The Cookies for a Cop and our Fire Friends annual campaign is an official One Kind Cookie project. One Kind Cookie is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity.

stock our kitchen

Our deliveries require not only cookies but much in the way of boxes, labels, ribbon, postcards, liners, tennis balls and dog treats for K9 officers and more.
Stocking our “kitchen” is just one way to help.
Find our WishList here.


There are a number of ways to volunteer. We are always looking for help with a variety of things including but not limited to: being or assisting a leader, helping with HQ sorting events and more.


None of this would be possible without the financial assistance of those who share our passion and desire to honor, appreciate and thank the first responders who are across the country, protecting us each day. Your financial contribution would be greatly appreciated.
Donate here.


We have leaders all across the United States and even one in Germany! We’d love to share how you too can step up to honor our first responders! Approval is a quick and painless step to being our kind of cookie!
Learn more below.
(Participation approval required.)

How this all works

Your involvement here can be in many forms but the most commonly discussed is through being a Leader. While “leader” might sound like a hefty job, it’s really not! Let us tell you about what it means for you to be involved as a leader.


As a leader, you agree to a quick call the department(s) you wish to serve to:

  • Introduce yourself and our campaign.
  • If the department is accepting of our campaign, gather the number of sworn officers, civilian support staff, firefighters, K9s, etc that will be served.
  • Before hanging up, make sure to invite them to check out our fun on our website and social media.
    NOTE: We allow leaders to carry numbers over year to year and allow them to call for updates as they’d like.

As a leader, you agree to submit your numbers:

  • We have a handy form for leaders to submit the number of individuals they wish to serve and the number of cookies. We shoot to deliver 2 cookies per person (when possible). Some leaders opt to send more than 2 per. If this is the case, we ask that you circle back and make sure to update the number of cookies sent.
  • You may have noticed that we count cookies so this step is very important!

It’s time to bake and deliver! At this point, you can expect to:

  • Recruit TRUSTED family and friends to help bake / purchase / package if your area has numbers that surpass what you can cover yourself without losing your sanity. NEVER accept edibles from someone you don’t personally know and trust.
  • Add REQUIRED tags to every box / tray / bag.
    Include the CFAC tags, letter and ALWAYS present ID. (These items are in our Leader Kitchen)
  • Take photos (and/or videos) and post online and share on our page. Hashtag everything you post #sweetkindness.



To become a leader, you will need to fill out this form HERE. We will soon reach out with directions for approval. If you’d like to get ahead of the game, you can check out the 2 most common methods of approval below and have someone reach out to us on your behalf.

Approval comes in one of a few ways. The 2 most common are:

  1. an email a from someone within the law enforcement or fire community to note you are a trusted source. These emails MUST come from an official work email address. We do not reply to emails sent as we understand work email is for work – not cookie chatter. Once received, we will email you and let you know you are approved. (Follow up may take 1-2 weeks.)
  2. an already approved leader who is able to give the thumbs up

We want to make sure our law enforcement and fire communities are safe. Period. While very rare, there are times that not everyone who applies is granted approval.

We apologize in advance, but there are going to be times this is the case if we can’t find a way to get through the approval process. This is not that you are unfit for this campaign, it is simply that we are unable to find a manner to work through approval.


Leaders must be approved to join our campaign for a variety of reasons.

  • Safety
  • Ensuring we have just one leader / team per location.
  • Ensuring we have a point of contact for campaign specific information and needs such a delivery items and directions.

Safety is job #1, showing appreciation, #2.

We want to make sure our law enforcement and fire communities are safe. Period. While extremely rare, not everyone who applies will be granted approval. We apologize in advance, but there are going to be times we can’t find a way to get through the approval process. Please know this is not (at all) that you are unfit for this campaign.

  • Approval comes in one of a few ways with my favorite method being emails from personal contacts in the LE / FF community who can vouch for a specific source. These emails MUST come from an official work email address. I never reply to emails sent as I understand work email is for work – not cookie chatter.
  • Leaders MUST present identification with all deliveries. It is preferred that leaders leave a copy of their ID with the departments they serve. These departments can then verify if that name shows on our leader list and contact me should they wish for more detailed information. If at anytime a department does not feel comfortable with a delivery, by all means, throw it out. At no point do we want to put anyone’s health or well being in jeopardy. The plus to our process is that many times, departments will know the source OR have direct access to a contact of that source from a neighboring department.
  • All deliveries must also have a Cookies for a Cop tag (these will be sent to each leader individually as we get closer).

Life happens.

We get it.

If this is the case, please just reach out and let us know. We would hate to have a department listed that isn’t being served. If you are in the Greater Cincinnati / NKY area, this is particularly important as we work to serve everyone possible.

Please don’t feel bad or feel the need to explain. We are human too and so we understand.



While “cookie” is a part of the name, we fist bump and count whatever treat you send.

Great options include brownies, chocolate covered pretzels, Rice Krispie treats, etc. Some leaders prepare bags that also include a drink and variety of treats. Some include cards from children in their classrooms, etc. You are only limited by your imagination.

Cakes and cupcakes are strongly discouraged.


You will find everything you need in the LEADER KITCHEN. Like in your home, this is where all the action is in our home.

Go to the Kitchen for:

  • A walk-thru video preparing you for your mission.
  • Delivery letter (required with delivery)
  • Delivery tags (required with delivery)
  • Links to submit:
    • Cookie Counts (required)
    • Photos and Videos
  • Leader feedback
  • Online Leader Store

Should you have any issues finding or logging into the Leader Kitchen, reach out and let us help you. (For approved leaders only.)



Your roll does not permit you to solicit tax-deductible donations for One Kind Cookie, Inc., Cookies for a Cop and our Fire Friends, Tango Yankee Project or any other affiliation.

If someone wants to help without a tax deductible benefit, they may certainly do so.

Should someone express interest in a tax deductible contribution to our cause, you may let them know you are not permitted to solicit or manage any contribution of this nature but that they may contact us directly themselves.


Keep scrolling!

Leader lists are at the bottom of this page.

If on mobile, you will see the links to various year’s lists but if you continue to scroll, they will also appear at the bottom of the page.

If on desktop/laptop, you will see them below.

Once we start updating the current year’s lists, they are fluid and will continue to update.

Should you see anything amiss, please let us know so we can correct. Please DO NOT wait until delivery week. We too are on the road having fun and making memories and will not have the ability to adjust at that point.

Check out the fun had when we had a COOKIE INVASION of Chicago when our Cookie Caravan delivered 21,000 cookies to Chicago Police Department and Chicago Fire Department.

  • 21,000 fresh baked cookies
  • 6 bakers
  • 11 caravan friends
  • 4 large SUVs to transport
  • 750 approx miles
  • 21 hours on the road (up, deliver, back)
  • ENDLESS smiles, fun, memories

We giggle that we aren’t sure that our contacts within CPD and CFD knew exactly what to expect but it didn’t take long for them to realize that we weren’t there to just drop off cookies and turn back around. We were there to shake the hands of those doing the work, those we value so much.

2020 CAMPAIGN DATES: OCTOBER (October 10-18)




2014 – 30,658 cookies
2015 – 116,636 cookies
2016 – 115,120 cookies
2017 – 114,163 cookies
2018 – 132,098 cookies
2019 – 112,052 cookies
2020 – 76,311 cookies

Served outside of normal campaign times:
7,817 cookies

Total to date: 704,854 cookies

A huge thank you to our amazing sponsor



Our leader lists were not able to be updated fulled before our 2021 event. We will update in the coming days. Please reach out to becky@onekindcookie.org should you wish to verify delivery rep.




Childersburg PD - Debbie H


Apache Junction PD – Shania G
Arizona Dept of Public Safety Dispatch - Kimeree B
Dept of Public Safety (Metro South) – Shaina G
DPS Rural Metro – Shania G
Gila County SO – Jessica K
Maricopa County SO (Avondale) - Rebecca C

Maricopa County SO (D3-Sunrise Surprise) - Rebecca C
Mesa PD Fiesta Station – Shaina G
Mesa PD Substation – Shaina G
Payson PD – Jessica K
Payson DPS – Jessica K
Payson USFS Ranger Station – Jessica K
Phoenix FBI – Kimeree B
Phoenix PD Air Support – Kimeree Bates
Salt River PD - Jess M


Corona PD – Debby G
Huntington Beach PD – Valerie S
Huntington Beach Heliport – Valerie S
Huntington Beach Marine Safety – Valerie S
Huntington Beach Substation – Valerie S
Ontario PD – Brandi B


Dewey Beach PD – Debi R
Lewes PD – Debi R
Rehoboth Beach PD – Debi R


Coral Springs PD – Jeanette M
Dade City PD – Jenny S
Daytona PD – Amy B
Daytona Beach Shores PD – Amy B
Edgewater PD – Amy B
Jefferson County SO - Carol A M
Monticello PD - Carol A M
New Port Richey PD – Jenny S
New Smyrna Beach PD – Amy B
Orlando PD – Amy B
Pasco County SO – Jenny S
Port Orange PD – Amy B
South Daytona PD – Amy B
Volusia County So – Amy B


Butts County SO – Sharon S
Jackson PD – Sharon S


Aurora PD – Patti B
Batesville PD – Patti B
Dearborn County SO – Patti B
Dillsboro PD – Patti B
Greendale PD – Patti B
Indiana State PD (Versailles) – Patti B
Lawrenceburg PD – Patti B
Milan PD – Patti B
Moores Hill PD – Patti B
Ohio County PD – Patti B
Ohio County 911 – Patti B
Osgood PD – Patti B
Ripley County PD – Patti B
Ripley County 911 – Patti B
Rising Sun PD – Patti B
Switzerland County PD – Patti B
Switzerland County 911 – Patti B
Versailles PD –Patti B
Vevay PD – Patti B


Alexandria PD – Pam & Alexys K
Bellevue PD – Sharon N
Boone County Detention Center – Kelly P
Boone County Dispatch – Brooke M
Boone County SO – HQ
Campbell County Detention Center – Sharon N
Campbell County PD – Pam & Alexys K
Campbell County SO – Sharon N
Campbell County Dept of Corrections – Sharon N
Campbell Regional Juvenile Detention Cntr – Sharon N
Carroll County Detention Center – Bridget L, In Memory of Everett H
Carroll County SO – Bridget L, In Memory of Everett H
Carrollton PD – Bridget L, In Memory of Everett H
Cold Spring PD – Kelly P
Covington PD – Lindsey A
CVG Airport PD – Jessica S
Dayton PD – Sharon N
Dry Ridge PD – Tricia B
Edgewood PD – Dawn P
Elsmere PD – Amanda B
Erlanger PD – Dawn P
Federal Courthouse Security - Kirstin K
Florence PD – Brooke M
Fort Mitchell PD – Emily C
Fort Thomas PD – Amanda P
Fort Wright PD – Katie S
Gallatin County – Bridget L, In Memory of Everett H
Grant County Detention Center – Robin W
Grant County Justice Center – Robin W
Grant County SO – Robin W
Grant County HS / MS SROs – Lauren F
Hazard PD – Brittiany H
Highland Heights PD – Laryn H
Independence PD – Ashley S
Kenton County Animal Control – Dawn P
Kenton County Deputy Clerk Office - Lindsay M
Kenton County Detention Center – Amanda P
Kenton County Dispatch – Clinita A
Kenton County PD – Clinita A
Kenton County SO – Dawn P
Kentucky State PD (Post 6 Grant Cnty) – Stacy T
Kentucky State PD (Post 13 Hazard) – Brittiany H
Lakeside Park PD – Katie S
Lexington PD – Britani A
Louisville PD – Lindsey A
Ludlow PD – Lindsey A
Morganfield PD - Ellen (Jamie) C
Morganfield Dispatch - Ellen (Jamie) C
Newport PD – Kelly P (In Memory of Mike Preston)
Northern KY Strike Force - Amanda P
NKU PD – Pam & Alexys K
Park Hills PD – Katie S
Perry County SO – Brittiany H
Southgate PD – Amanda P
Spencer County PD - Kate B
Taylor Mill PD – Lindsay M
Taylorsville PD - Kate B
Univ of Louisville PD – Lindsey A
Villa Hills PD – Amanda B
Warsaw PD – Bridget L, In Memory of Everett H
Wilder PD – Amanda P
Williamstown PD – Tricia B (HQ)


DeSoto Parish SO – Christina F


Buxton PD – Rebecca C
Cape Elizabeth PD – Rebecca C
Gorham PD – Rebecca C


Howard County Dispatch - Jill J
Howard County PD - Jill J
Howard County SO - Jill J
Howard County Courthouse - Jill J
Maryland State PD (Leonardtown Barracks) - Amanda B
St Mary’s SO – Amanda B


Barnstable PD – Jena B
Barnestable SO – Jena B
Bourne PD – Jena B
Brewster- Jena B
Chatham PD – Jena B
Dennis PD- Jena B
Eastham PD- Jena B
Falmouth PD- Jena B
Harwich PD- Jena B
Mashpee PD – Jena B
MA State PD (Bourne Barracks) – Jena B
MA State PD (Yarmouth Barracks) – Jena B
Orleans PD – Jena B
Provincetown PD – Jena B
Sandwich PD – Erin M
Truro PD- Jena B
Welfleet- Jena B
Yarmouth PD – Jena B


Bay Head PD – Janet D
Brick PD – Janet D
Brielle PD - Janet D
Mantaloking PD – Janet D
Ocean Ctiy SO – Janet D
Point Pleasant PD – Janet D
Point Pleasant Beach PD – Janet D
Springfield PD – Janet D
Wall PD – Janet D


San Juan County SO – Carol M
San Juan County Dispatch – Carol M


Monroe County SO – Annie D

OHIO ( )

Addyston PD – OPEN
Amberley Village PD – Jeaneana G
Batavia PD – Jim H
Beavercreek PD – Mary S
Bethel PD – Jim H
Blue Ash PD – OPEN
Butler County Jail (Hamilton) – Brandy M
Butler County Juvenile Det Center – Brandy M
Butler County SO – Brandy M
Byesville PD – Jerry F
Cambridge PD – Jerry F
Canton PD - Nicole M
Centerville PD – Donna L
Cheviot PD – Stephanie M
Cincinnati Emergency Communication Center – Becky G
Cincinnati PD Dist 1 – Becky G
Cincinnati PD Dist 1 Upstairs – Becky G
Cincinnati PD Dist 2 – Cindy H
Cincinnati PD Dist 3 – Becky G
Cincinnati PD Dist 4 – Wende P
Cincinnati PD Dist 5 – Becky G
Cincinnati PD CIS (Fl3) – Becky G
Cincinnati PD Property Room (Fl1)- Becky G
Cincinnati PD Records (Fl2) – Becky G
Cincinnati PD Impound- Becky G
Cincinnati PD Training Unit – Carrie H
Cincinnati PD Firearms Training Squad – Carrie H
Cincinnati PD Recruiting – Carrie H
Cincinnati PD Supply – Carrie H
Cincinnati PD K-9 – Sam B
Cincinnati Police Fed Credit Union- Becky G
Cincinnati Police Real Time Crime Center – Becky G
Cincinnati Police Museum – Kirstin K
Cincinnati State PD – Becky G
City of Cincinnati Traffic and Special Services - Cara K
City of Walton – Becky G
Clearcreek Township PD – Vikki S
Clermont County SO – Jim H
Colerain Township PD – Patricia W (In Memory of Officer Dale Woods)
Deer Park PD – Kirstin K
Delhi PD – Stephanie M
Elmwood PD – Jeaneana G
Evendale PD – Jeaneana G
Fairborn PD – Mary S
Fairfax PD – Kirstin K
Fairfield PD – Alysia M
Fairfield Township PD – Alysia M
Forest Park PD – Alysia M
Germantown PD – Julie T
Glendale PD – Shari B
Green Township PD – Brandy M
Guernsey County SO – Jerry F
Hamilton PD – Brandy M
Hamiton County Coroner’s Office – Kirstin K
Hamilton County Justice Center – Becky G
Hamilton County Dispatch – Becky G
Hamilton County Prosecurtor's Office - Kirstin K
Hamilton County SO Dist 1 (Hamilton Ave) – Cara K
Hamilton County SO Dist 2 (Harrison Ave) – Cara K
Hamilton County SO Dist 3 (Symmes) – Kirstin K
Hamilton County SO Dist 4 (Columbia) – Kirstin K
Hamilton County SO Dist 5 – (Anderson) – Jim H
Hamilton Township PD – Jeaneana G
Harrison PD – Brandy M
Huber Heights PD – Joy M & Alma V
Indian Hill Rangers – Kirstin K
Kettering PD – Susan D
Kettering Health Network (Middletown & Frankin) - Wende G
Lebanon PD – Wende G
Lebanon Correctional – Wende G
Lockland PD – Jeaneana G
Loveland PD – Tiffany P
Macedonia PD – Melissa C
Madeira PD – Kirstin K
Mariemont PD – Kirstin K
Mason PD – Kirstin K
Massillon PD – Nicole M
Milford PD – Ann F
Miami Township (Miamisburg) PD – Julie T
Miami Township (Milford) PD – Ann F
Miami Univ (Oxford) PD – Katie C
Montgomery PD – Kirstin K
Mt Healthy PD – Alysia M
Mt Orab PD – Jim H
Monroe PD - Kassi R
New Miami PD – Katie C
New Richmond PD – Jim H
Newtown PD – Becky G
Noble County SO – Jerry F
North College Hill PD – Alysia M
Norwood PD – Alysia M
Norwood Police Dispatch – Alysia M
OH State Hwy Patrol (Warren Cnty) – Wende G
OH State Hwy Patrol (Guernsey County) – Jerry F
Owensville PD – Jim H
Oxford Township PD – Katie C
Oxford PD – Jeff N
Perry Township PD – Nicole M
Pierce Township PD – Jim H
Plain City PD - Angela B
Reading PD – Jeaneana G
Richwood PD - Angela B
Ross PD – Brandy M
Seven Mile PD – Katie C
Sharonville PD – Becky G
Sinclair Comm College PD – Joy M & Alma V
Springboro PD – Vikki S
Springdale PD – Shari B
Springfield Township PD – Stephanie M
St Bernard PD – Becky G HQ
Terrace Park PD – Jim H
Tipp City PD – Joy M & Alma V
The Great Parks of Hamilton County (all 5) – Tara M
Trenton PD – Jaclyn G
Union Township PD – Jim H
Univ of Cincinnati PD (Main Campus) – Becky G
Cincy VA Hospital PD (and veterans) – Becky G
Warren County Dispatch – Brandy M
Warren County Jail – Brandy M
Warren County Juvenile Correctional – Jeaneana G
Warren County SO – Jamie P
Waynesville PD – Wende G
West Chester PD – Brandy M
Williamsburg PD – Jim H
Woodlawn PD – Becky G
Wyoming PD – Cindy H


Avondale State Trooper Station – Jana M
Bethel Township PD – Stephanie L
Caln Township PD – Heather S
Chester County Detectives – Rachel K
Chester County SO – Debi R
Chester County K9 – Debi R
Chester County Dispatch – Debi R
Chester PD – Rachel K
Christiana Borough PD - Joyce Y
Collingdale PD – Erin G
Columbia PD - Joyce Y
Downington Borough PD – Debi R
East Brandywine PD – Debi R
East Fallowfield PD – Debi R
East Hempfield PD - Joyce Y
East Lampeter PD – Joyce Y
Easttown Township – Erin G
East Whiteland PD - Debi R
Embreeville PD – Debi R
Goshen PD – Donna D / Kristy B
Honey Brook Borough PD - Joyce Y
Kennett Square PD – Rachel K
Kennett Township PD – Rachel K
Lancaster City PD - Joyce Y
Lancaster SO - Joyce Y
Lincoln University PD – Jana M
Linwood PD – Stephanie L
Malvern PD – Debi R
Manheim Boro PD - Joyce Y
Manheim Township PD - Joyce Y
Manor Township PD - Joyce Y
Marcus Hook PD – Stephanie L
Milton PD – Jessica S
Montgomery PD – Jessica S
Montgomery Boro PD – Jessica S
Montoursville PD – Jessica S
Mount Joy Boro PD - Joyce Y
New Holland PD - Joyce Y
Northern York County Regional – Lauren N
Old Lycoming PD – Jessica S
Oxford Borough PD – Rachel K
Parkesburg PD – Heather S
Penn College PD – Jessica S
Pennsylvania State PD Milton Barracks – Jessica S
Pennsylvania State PD Media Barracks – Stephanie L
Pennsylvania State PD Lancaster Barracks – Joyce Y
Quarryville Boro PD – Joyce Y
Ridley Park PD – Erin G
South Coatsville Borough – Heather S
Southern Chester County Regional PD – Jana M
South Williamsport PD – Jessica S
Southwestern Regional PD – Lauren N
Spring Garden Township PD – Lauren N
Stratsburg Boro PD – Joyce Y
Upper Chichester – Stephanie L
Upper Uwchlan PD – Debi R
Valley Twp PD – Joyce Y
Watsontown PD – Jessica S
West Manchester PD – Lauren N
West Brandywine PD – Debi R
West Caln PD – Heather S
West Chester Borough PD – Donna D / Kristy B
West Goshen PD – Erin G
West Hempfield PD - Joyce Y
West Lampeter PD – Joyce Y
West Sadsbury PD – Joyce Y
Westtown East Goshen PD – Debi R
West Whiteland PD – Debi R
Williamsport PD – Jessica S
Willistown PD – Rachel K


City of Burns PD – Jessica H
City of Dickson PD – Jessica H
Dickson County SO – Jessica H
Town of White Bluff PD – Jessica H


Alvin PD – Heather D
Angleton PD – Heather D
Bay City PD - Sendi L
Belton PD – Shellie C
Belton SO – Shellie C
Belton DPS – Shellie C
Belton 911 – Shellie C
Brazoria County SO – Heather D
Brazoria County Precinct 4 Constables – Sendi L
Brazoria County PD – Sendi L
Coke County SO - Lori F
Copperas Cove PD – Shellie C
Cove PD – Shellie C
Danbury PD – Heather D
Devine PD – Theresa D
Fisher County SO - Lori F
Harker Heights PD – Shellie C
Iowa Colony PD – Heather D
Killeen PD – Shellie C
Lytle PD – Theresa D
Manvel PD – Heather D
Mitchell County SO - Lori F
Natalia PD – Theresa D
Nolan County SO - Lori F
Nolan County DPS - Lori F
Nolanville PD – Shellie C
Roanoke PD – Lexie R
Roby PD - Lori F
Roscoe PD - Lori F
Rotan PD - Lori F
Sweeny PD - Sendi L
Sweetwater PD - Lori F
Temple PD – Shellie C
West Columbia PD - Sendi L


Wisconsin Sate Patrol Deforest – Shaina G



Grafenwohr MPS,Civilian Officers, CID, MPI, K9 – Stephanie F
Vilseck MPS,Civilian Officers, CID, MPI, K9 – Stephanie F



Our leader lists were not able to be updated fulled before our 2021 event. We will update in the coming days. Please reach out to becky@onekindcookie.org should you wish to verify delivery rep.




Childersburg FD - Debbie H


Apache Junction Fire Station Rural Metro #859 – Shaina G
Daisy Mountain FD – Kimeree B
Forest Service FD – Jessica K
Hellsgate FD – Jessica K
Mesa Fire Station #201 – Shaina G
Mesa Fire Station #213 – Shaina G
Payson FD – Jessica K
Payson USFS Ranger Station – Jessica K
Phoenix FD – Kimeree B
Rural Metro FD #837 - Rebecca C


Huntington Beach FD – Valerie S
Huntington Beach Fire Admin – Valerie S
Huntington Beach Fire Training – Valerie S
Huntington Beach Marine Safety – Valerie S


Coral Springs FD – Jeanette M
Edgewater FD – Amy B
Jefferson County FD – Carol A M
New Smyrna Beach FD – Amy B
Parkland FD – Jeanette M


Butts County FD – Sharon S
Jackson City FD – Sharon S


Aurora FD – Patti B
Batesville FD - Patti B
Bright FD – Patti B
Dillsboro FD – Patti B
Greendale FD – Patti B
Lawrenceburg FD – Patti B
Moores Hill FD – Patti B
Ohio County 911 – Patti B
Ripley County 911 – Patti B
Rising Sun FD – Patti B
Switzerland County 911 – Patti B


Alexandria FD – Clinita A
Bellevue / Dayton FD – Sharon N
Burlington FD – Kelly P (In Memory of Mike Preston)
Campbell County Central FD – Laryn H
Carrollton FD – Bridget L, In Memory of Everett H
Covington FD (Co 1, HQ) – Brittiany H
Covington FD (Co 2 W Cov) – Brittiany H
Covington FD (Co 5 S Cov) – Lindsey M
Covington FD (Co 6 Peaselburg) – Brittiany H
Covington FD (Co 8 Latonia) – Brittiany H
Crittenden FD – Brittiany H
CVG Airport FD (Station 1) – HQ / OPEN
CVG Airport FD (Station 2) – HQ / OPEN
Delhi FD - Stephanie M
Dry Ridge FD – Bridget L
Edgewood FD – Dawn P
Elsmere FD – HQ / OPEN
Erlanger FD – Dawn P
Florence FD (Station 1/HQ) – HQ / Kim P
Florence FD (Station 2) – HQ / Jessica S
Florence FD (Station 3) – HQ / Kim P
Fort Mitchell FD – Jessica S
Fort Thomas FD – Amanda P
Fort Wright FD – Katie S
Gallatin FD – Stacy T
Hazard FD – Brittiany H
Hebron FD (Station 1)  – Kelly P (In Memory of Mike Preston)
Hebron FD (Station 2) – Kelly P (In Memory of Mike Preston)
Independence FD -Dawn P
Lexington FD – Transylvania Univ Men's Lacrosse
Ludlow FD – Lindsey A
Morganfield FD - Ellen (Jamie) C
Newport FD – Kelly P (In Memory of Mike Preston)
Point Pleasant FD – Katie S
Southgate FD – Amanda P
Spencer County FD - Kate B
Taylor Mill FD – Ashley S
Trenton FD - Kassi R
UC Air Care (Walton) – Walton-Verona HS Cheerleaders
Union FD – Stacy T
Verona FD – Walton-Verona HS Cheerleaders
Walton FD – Walton-Verona HS Cheerleaders
Warsaw FD – Bridget Lilly, In Memory of Everett H
West Union FD – Brittiany H
Wilder FD (North Station) – Amanda P
Wilder FD (South Station) – Amanda P
Williamstown FD – Bridget L


Buxton FD – Rebecca C
Cape Elizabeth FD – Rebecca C
Gorham FD – Rebecca C


Sandwich FD – Erin M

OHIO ( )

Amberely Village FD – Jeaneana G
Antrim FD - Jerry F

Byesville FD – Jerry F
Cambridge FD – Jerry F
Canton FD – Nicole M
Casel Station FD - Jerry F
Cheviot FD – Stephanie M

Cincinnati FD, St 2 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 3 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 5 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 7 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 8 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 9 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 12 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 14 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 14 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 17 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 18 Lunken – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 19 Corryville – Kirstin K

Cincinnati FD, St 20 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 21  – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 23 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 24 – Michelle V
Cincinnati FD, St 29 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 31 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 32 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 34 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 35 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 37 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 38 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 46 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 49 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 50 – Michelle V

Cincinnati FD, St 51 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, Garage – Becky G
Cincinnati Fire Museum – Kirstin K
Clearcreek Township FD – Vikki S
Colerain FD Headquarters – Cara K
Colerain FD Station 102 – Cara K
Colerain FD Station 103 – Cara K
Colerain FD Station 109 – Cara K
Colerain FD Station 25 – Cara K
Colerain FD Station 26 – Cara K
CVG Airport FD - Jessica S
Deerfield Township FD – Kirstin K
Deer Park / Silverton FD – Kirstin K
Delhi FD – Stephanie M
Evendale FD – Jeaneana G
Fairfield Township FD – Brandy M
Forest Park HDQ 42 – Alysia M
Forest Park Station 43 – Alysia M
Franklin FD – Katie C
Germantown FD – Julie T
Green Township FD – Stephanie M
Hamilton Township FD -Jeaneana G
Harrison FD – Courtney N
Indian Hill FD – Kirstin K
Kettering FD – Susan D
Liberty Township FD Station 111 – Courtney K
Liberty Township FD Station 112 – Courtney K
Liberty Township FD Station 113 HDQ – Courtney K
Little Miami FD – Kirstin K
Loveland FD – Tiffany P
Madeira FD – Kirstin K
Mariemont FD – Kirstin K
Mason FD 52 – Kirstin K
Mason FD 51 – Kirstin K
Mason FD Main office – Kirstin K
Massillion FD - Nicole M
Miami Township FD (CLEVES) - Taylor HS Women's Soccer Team
Miami Township FD – Ann F
Miami Township Fire and EMS – Ann F
Miami Township FD Station 26 (central) – Ann F
Miami Township FD Station 27 – Ann F
Miami Township FD Station 28 – Ann F
Milford FD – Ann F
Monroe FD – Katie C
Montgomery FD – Kirstin K
Newtown FD – Becky G
Norwood FD – Alysia M
Oxford FD – Katie C
Pleasant City FD - Jerry F
Reading FD – Jeaneana G
Ross FD - Brandy M
Seven Mile FD – Katie C
Sharonville FD – Becky G
Springboro FD – Vicki S
Springdale FD – Shari B
Springfield Township FD – Stephanie M
St Bernard FD – Stephanie M
Terrace Park FD – Jim H
Union Township FD – Jim H
United Ambulance – Jerry F
West Chester FD – Brandy M
Whitewater Township FD - Taylor HS Women's Soccer Team
Woodlawn FD – Becky G
Wyoming FD – Cindy H


Berwyn FD – Debi R
Bethel Township Hose Company #2 – Stephanie L
Coatsville FD – Debi R
East Brandywine FD – Debi R
Glenmoore FD – Debi R
Honeybrook FD – Debi R
Kimberton FD – Debi R
Lionville FD – Debi R
Ludwigs Corner FD – Debi R
Malvern FD – Debi R
Paoli FD – Debi R
Sadsburyville FD – Debi R
Thorndale FD – Debi R
Upper Chichester Rescue #40 – Stephanie L
Wagontown FD – Debi R
West Grove Fire Co – Erin G
West Whiteland FD – Debi R
Westwood FD – Debi R


Belton FD – Shellie C
Blackwell VFD - Lori F
Brazoria FD - Sendi L
Bronte VFD - Lori F

Colorado City VFD - Lori F
Copperas Cove FD – Shellie C

Cove FD – Shellie C
Devine Vol FD – Theresa D
Harker Heights – Shellie C
Killeen FD – Shellie C
Lake Sweetwater VFD - Lori F
Loraine VFD - Lori F
Lytle Volunteer FD – Theresa D
Maryneal VFD - Lori F
Natalia Vol FD – Theresa D
Nolan VFD - Lori F
Nolanville FD – Shellie C
Robert Lee VFD - Lori F
Roby VFD - Lori F
Roscoe VFD - Lori F
Rotan VFD - Lori F
Sweeny FD - Sendi L
Sweetwater VFD - Lori F
Temple FD – Shellie C
Trent VFD - Lori F
West Columbia FD - Sendi L



Grafenwohr FD – Stephanie F
USAG Vavaria – Grafenwoehr USAR Directorate FD – Stephanie F

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