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Tango Yankee

It’s our THANK YOU
to our veterans!

No cookie goes to waste. While each year leaves us with extras for us to find fitting homes, 2016 was special and left us with a mission that would go beyond our expectations when we walked through those doors.

In 2016 our extra cookies made their way to the Cincinnati VA Medical Center. We asked the gentlemen with Volunteer Services how often they received something like this. ALMOST NEVER was the reply. Following our departure, we made a social media posting in which we pledged:

Sometimes our visits are quick, some consist of a table set up inside the front entrance, sometimes, we visit the various waiting areas and make our way down the main hall and before we know it, all of our large stash of cookies will be gone – happily accepted by those who have given so much for our country. We sit and talk. We listen. We enjoy this time and the companionship.

While every visit is a bit different, each has one thing in common and that is that we send extra cookies specifically for the floors at the hospital where they are most needed – for those who struggle with PTSD and other related issues. Reminding them that they are thought of and that people care is so very important so we never overlook this important part of our delivery.

It looks like a cookie but it is really a really, really big TANGO YANKEE for your service to this great country of ours.


We learned the sad news in 2021 that Bake Me Home (another local non-profit) was ending their work. Having learned of them a couple of years prior, we knew their work on two particular fronts was too important to let it go. We reached out and let them know that would love, with their blessing, to continue on their legacy with these two areas of work.

One was with the Fisher House.

The Fisher House gives residence to active duty and veteran families who need it for medical treatment, free of charge. We want to be there to help the Fisher House welcome these families and make them feel at home.

On October 12, 2021, we made our first delivery to the Cincinnati Fisher House and cannot wait to dive in and really see how we can be an ongoing asset.


The second of the additions to come is an exciting one – but not one we can announce just yet. We know you will want to be a part of the journey ahead with our veteran community!

PO Box 342
Walton, KY 41094

501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

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