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For our Veterans

For our Veterans

While delivering with our annual October deliveries to first responders, we decided to gift a few hundred cookies to the Cincinnati VA Hospital for both veterans and their PD. The volunteer services representative was so moved. We asked how often they had deliveries like this and his reply made us pause. “Almost never.”

It was here that we decided we would change this, even if only twice a year.

One particular visit was heartwarming to watch. The boys with us were hesitant to hand out cookies cookies as we walked to the volunteer services office. Before we know it, the smiles and reactions of the recipients had them grabbing for more and more cookies to give out. It’s a wonderful thing when strangers who would have otherwise passed without comment were now smiling, talking and thanking each other – one for service to our country and the other for the kindness shown via a cookie.

Our founding family, supported by many others, now come together to not only deliver with the October deliveries but always make it a point to return at least one additional time to deliver cookies. We’ve delivered for Veteran’s Day and even set up a table inside the front door to hand out cookies to those who come and go.

We’d love to continue this tradition, now through One Kind Cookie, and with your help, we can!

For our First Responders

For our First Responders

The mission that started it all was with our Cookies for a Cop project during a time that kindness seemed to be needed most.


Cookies for a Cop (CFAC) was founded in 2014 with the mission to deliver #sweetkindness to those so deserving. What started with a focus for our law enforcement has grown to now also include those in fire service (and our Fire Friends!).


Each October, thousands come together to deliver sweet treats to police officers, Dispatchers, K9, mounted patrol, PD Impound, Animal Control, Correctional Institutions, School Resource Officers, Firefighters, Border Patrol and everyone in between, including their support staff that help to things moving.


Cookies for a Cop and our Fire Friends has now delivered almost 630,000 cookies across the US and to some of our service members serving in Germany. This was all done without a legal business entity or non-profit backing. We were just passionate hearts who wanted to do something nice in the world. We came together and for 6 campaigns paved the way to where we are now.


One Kind Cookie will take one great idea and expand on it to take the kindness so much further. We hope you see the work we’ve done, the smiles shared, the kindness gifted and join us in taking this to the next level.

The gift of a cookie is such a kind gesture. The gift of hundreds of thousands of cookies – that is an incredible statement of support, appreciation, kindness and love.

If you’d like to learn more about our Cookies for a Cop and our Fire Friends project, please check out our Project Page HERE.